Asset Mobile LLC Affiliate Program

Welcome to Asset Mobile LLC’s Affiliate Program Page.

We are excited and happy to announce that we now have an affiliate program where you can earn some extra money just by telling people about us!

How does this work you may ask? Well, here is a quick rundown how it works. First you will need to sign up it is absolutely free to do. Once you have created your account you will find a referral link in your admin area. All you will have to do then is direct to people to that link. That’s it!

Once people register with your link you will be able to see them in your admin area. Not only will you be able to see them you be able to track their activity and see what they are doing to make you commissions.

Now that you have general idea of how our affiliate program works let’s take a look at how you will make money with it. Asset Mobile LLC offers three ways that you can make money with your referrals.

     1.You will get 50% commissions from every user that has a monthly package that you refer.
     2.You will get 50% commissions from every premium job that a user posts that you refer.
     3.And you will get 30% commissions from what Asset Mobile LLC makes from every successfully completed job from the referrals               that you sign up. See the example below to see how this works.

Asset Mobile charges a percentage fee to users when they post a job on the job board. For this example we’ll say that percentage fee is 10%. As an affiliate you get 30% of that 10%.  A user posts a job that would cost a $1,000 to complete.  Asset Mobile’s fee would be $100 for this job so you as the affiliate would get 30% of that giving you $30 for the $1,000 job.  If you have any questions please check our FAQ page or you may use the contact page if you did not get the answers you were looking for.

By registering as an affiliate user for Asset Mobile LLC you agree to all terms in the Terms Of Service.