Q.1. What is Asset Mobile?
Simply put, Asset Mobile is place where mobile users can meet up with mobile experts to help design and create the needs of the users. This can be a variety of things ranging from , mobile apps, games, marketing, QR generation, consulting, etc...
Q.2. How does Asset Mobile work?
Asset Mobile LLC works by allowing users to sign up for a free account. Then it allows the users to post a public or private job so that mobile professionals are able to bid on there job. For more information please see the how it works page.
Q.3. Features of asset mobile?
Asset Mobile LLC has a variety of features for both buyers and contractors.
Buyer Features:
1. Abilty to create a personal profile.
2. Abilty to post a premium job.
3. Have the abilty to post public or private jobs.

Contractor Features:
1. Abilty to create a cutsom profile for you or your business.
2. Have the abilty to sign up as an individual or a business.
3. Have the abilty to choose from multiple monthly membership packages to meet your needs.
4. Have the abilty to upload your portfolio.
Q.4. Whats the price Of asset mobile?
Asset Mobile is FREE for all it's users. Although there are monthly packages available.
Monthly package prices area as follows: $10, $20, $40
To see what each monthly package entails click here.
Q.5. What is a Premium job?
The premium job feature allows users to post there job above all the regular jobs on the job board. It will also be placed at the top of the search fields of the categories you have selected for you job. There will also be a boarder placed around the job as well. This allows the job maximum visibility.
Q.6. How does Asset Mobile make money?
Asset Mobile currently makes money in three ways.
1. We collect a small commission off each job that has been successfully completed.
2. Monthly packages that contractors can purchase.
3. We also provide a premium job feature that is a one time purchase.
Q.7. Whats the difference between a Contractor and a Buyer?
A contractor is a mobile professional or business that can bid on jobs that buyers post on the job board.
A buyer is a mobile user that wants to get a job done by posting their job to the job board.
Q.8. Can I be both a Contractor and a Buyer?
YES. example:
You may be a mobile marketing expert looking for work but still want a mobile app or game developed.
For these reasons Asset Mobile LLC allows its users to be both a contractor and buyer on the same account.
Q.9. I didn't find my question on here. How do I get it answered?
Simple, just ask us on our contact page!