How It Works.

Asset Mobile LLC is a community based job posting website geared directly for the mobile industry. It is designed to allow mobile users the ability to get any of their mobile needs completed by professionals in the mobile industry. Such as a marketing campaign, QR code creation, coupons, mobile games, apps, mobile websites, etc… 

How does this work?

1. First you will have to create your Free account.
2. Once your accont has been created you can post your job to the job board. (Games, APPS, Marketing, Websites, Consulting,etc...)
3. You can make your job post private (allows only the people you invite to see your job) or public (allows everybody to see your job posting.)
4. Let the bidding begin! 
5 Accept a bid and agree to terms. 

Thats it! Then your idea becomes reality so that you and the billions of people worldwide will be able to engage in game, app, website, etc...

Wasn't that easy?